20KHz Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

20KHz Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

This ultrasonic sewing machine IBG-1520S is designed by Aonneng Machinery. Machine applies analogue ultrasonic system  for sewing or cutting fabric. Machine control the rotation of roller and horn by servo motors. The operation is programmable on HMI.

Machine can be applied for ultrasonic sewing, lacing and cutting to fabric. It is welcomed in garment industry, especially for the production for underwear, bra, spot wear, etc.

Technical description

I. Features:

 1. HMI is applied for programmable operation of (setting the servo motors only);

 2. Micro adjustment to horn to match the roller in parallelism;

 3. Separate servo motors are applied to control roller and horns for easy adjustment;

 4. Roller position is horizontal adjustable, when horn is worn, it can keep use the same horn by adjust the horn to change the contacting points on horn by roller;

 5. LED light is applied on machine head for operation is dark room.

II. Specification

1. Power Supply: 220V, 1P, AC, 50/50Hz;

2. Air Supply: 0.5~0.6MPa

3. Max Roller Width: 15mm

4. Sewing Speed: up to 15M/min

5.Ultrasonic Frequency: 20KHz

6.Ultrasonic output: peak valve 1500W

7. Machine Dimension:L200*W600*H1220 (mm)

8. Weight: 125KG

Video: Ultrasonic Sewing Machine