NW Converting Equipment
NW Converting Equipment
NW Converting Equipment

iBORTECH designs and supplies machinery solution for the production of products made of non-woven fabric or similar material, with the application of procedure of ultrasonic welding or cutting, heat sealing, gluing, folding, cutting or punching, etc, maximum achieving automation with different conveying design in need.

To meet the requirement by customers the best considering the production capacity, quality rate, economical cost, etc, we design proposal under the cooperation mode with the top companies related.

Now the most machinery we provided in this kinds including: medical mask production line, air-dust respirator production line, filtration bag production line, wet tissue production line, medical ice bag production line, mask filter core production line, consumable pillow sleeve line, mop cap machine, surgeon cap production machine, etc.

To offer you the best, please contact us with the detail requirement and products design, then we would like to provide you the best solution proposal satisfying you.

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