N95 Folding Mask Production Line (Headband Type)

N95 Folding Mask Production Line (Headband Type)

This line is proposed to make headband type folding mask production, with the function of automatic material feed-in, nose wire inserting, ultrasonic sealing, holding for exhalation valve, extra material cutting and pulling. The line consists of blank mask making machine, ultrasonic welder for Exhalation Valve welding, headband attaching and logo printing (optional).

Download: N95 Folding Mask Production Line (Headband Tyep) Proposal B

Technical description

I. Blank Folding Mask Making Machine

I-1. Application: Make mask main body from different layers by one automatic machine, including inserting nose wire, finish sealing different fabric layers, Cutting valve hole, folding fabric, sealing edge to keep folding condition, cut off extra material around edge. All sealing is finished by ultrasonic while cutting is finished by cold rolling cutter.

Material: Inside layer and outside layer formed by PP nonwoven, the middle layer as filter layer is formed by melt-blown fabric or activated fabric. And also can apply needle-punched fabric between PP nonwoven fabric layer and filter fabric layer.

I-2. Main Tehnical Parameters:

1) Electric source: 1P, 220V

2) Total Power: about 5KW

3) Dimension:1730*600*1690mm(L*W*H)

4) Dimension of material frame:1680*700*1560(L*W*H);

5) Capacity: 50---100 piece per minute

II. Ultrasonic Welder for Exhalation Valve:

II-1. Specification:

1) Model: HW-2014;
2) Power Source: 220V 10A 1P
3) Pneumatic Source: 0.4~0.6KG
4) Frequency: 20K Hz;
5) Power Output: 1400W;
6) Welding Capacity: φ150m/m;
7)Dimension (mm): 425*630*920

8)Weight: 90Kg

III. Eastic Spot Welder (the model is additional)
III-1. Application:
It is specially used to weld ear-loop of masks; it also can be applied on the spot welding of non-woven products or plastic products.Elastic Headband Spot Welding

III-2. Specification:
2)Electrical Source:220V AC
3)Capacity: Depends on the skill of operators
4)Compressed Air:3~4kg/cm2
5)Weight: About 40KG

IV-1. Application: This machine is applied to attached ealstic, mostly rubber tape, by stapling with manual operation.


1) Overall Dimension L 1150*W600*H1350(mm)

2) Electric Source220V, 1P

3) Motor Power: 180W

4) Printing TypeOil Cup Pad Printing;

5) Printin Color Quantity: Single

6) Printing SquareMax to 70*150 (mm)

7) Capacity17~37PCs/Min (fixed by operator skill)

8) Weight40Kg

V. Pad Printing Machine for Logo

V-1. Application: It prints Logo, company information, respirator specification, etc by pad printer.

V-2. Specification:

1) Overall Dimension: L 450*W750*H1480(mm)

2) Electric Source:110/220V, 1P,

3) Air Source: 0.3~0.6Mpa

4) Printing Type:Oil Cup Pad Printing

5) Printing Color Quantity: Single

6) Printing Square:Max to 70*150 (mm)

7) Capacity:17~37PCs/Min (fixed by operator skill)

8) Weight:75Kg