70KG High Frequency Linear Vibration Welder

70KG High Frequency Linear Vibration Welder

MSV-SF70 is a high frequency vibration welder with upper jig loading ability of 70KG. Machine output vibration in frequency max to 365Hz. Machine vibration can start in amplitude in 0.02mm, which limits little to the design of plastic parts in geometric shape.

This machine is a medium specification vibration welder which can be applied to weld plastic parts in the most measurement. For automotive manufacturing, 70KG vibration welder is mostly applied to weld air inlet manifold for engine, drawer of IP, tail lamp, etc.

SF series vibration welder achieves clean vibration thermoplastic welding without preheating. The performance is the more stable, more economical and higher efficiency.

Technical description

I Features of MSV-SF Series:

 1. All features of super-high frequency vibration welding machines;

 2. Higer frequency vibration welding in lower amplitude:

  •  -Low welding amplitude minimizes the limit to part design by vibration motion distance and slope angle, realizing flexible part design;

     -No need preheating to parts before welding, achieving operation in high efficiency,  economical spending, low cost & stable performance.

  • -Vibration welding in high frequency & low amplitude,  no material flush dropping into welded parts.

II Specification:

 1)  Model: MSV-SF730

 2)  Vibration Loading Ability: 70kg

 3) Welding Ability:  460cm2

 3) Amplitude(peak to peak): 0.2~1.8mm

 4) Frequency: 280~365HzMachine

 5) Dimension: 2554x1240x2240

 6) Operation Window Size: 1500x790(mm)

 7) Drive Platen/upper : 1020x540(mm)

 8) Lift Table Size: 1500x600(mm)

 9) Table stroke: Max. 500 mm

 10) Clearance between lift table&Vibration Head: 735mm

 11) Table Elevating Speed: 250mm/s

 12) Clamp Force: 32kN

 13) Hydraulic System: Servo Pump

 14) Hydraulic oil: ISOVG32

 15) Weight: about5500kg

 16) Sound pressure level: <80dB

 17) Main voltage(3P)/Input: AC380V, 3P, 50/60Hz

 18) Power consumption: 47KVA

 19) Maximum Power/Out Put: 30Kw

 20) Control Voltage: DC 24V

 21) Frequency Tuning: Autol

 22) Welding Control: Depth/Time

 23) Step for Welding: 8Stage

 24) Set up number: 80ea

 25) Welding Result Analysis: Good/Bad

 26) Language: English/Chinese/Korean

 27) Internet: Yes

 28) Communication: Yes

III. Optional Features:

  1) SPC;

  2) IR system for preheating before vibration.