Hot Plate Welder MSH-6550

Hot Plate Welder MSH-6550

MSH-6550P applies pneumatic cylinders to drive welding tooling and force pressure for welding. It max welding area is 652*400 (mm). Machine applies CNZHENB|MP Sonic special designedPID temperature control system to achieve continuous, stable and accurate temperature control.

MSH-6550P is mostly applied for thermo jointing to parts in big size parts, especially for automotive parts such as tail lamp, water tank, air duct, glove box lid, etc.Machine is designed in automotive industrial application standard and has been certificated by CE.

Technical description


1. Machine applies pneumatic cylinders to control welding action, independent pressure control system is applied to each cylinder to ensure fast action and stable pressure;

2. It applies regulator controlled PID or PLC Temperature module controlled PID (select one from two methods), ensuring high precision, stable & accurate temperature for melting;

3. 8 temperature control zones provided (enhance to 8 zone from 4 zones in free), upper * 4zones & lower*4zones;

4. HMI supervise the heater state, if any hear is not working, the relative temperature zone ID will indicated on HMI.

5. Formula system: machine system can store at least 80 sets of welding parameters. When welding different parts, it can recall relative parameters from formula system directly with out change parameter;

6. Machine system is quipped with data memory system for welding operation record and error/alarm record for further history check;

7. Machine system designed with I/O supervision page and self-check system. It can check machine state in time, and if any error happen, machine will make alarm, and related fault message will show on HMI and put into memory;

8. Authorization password system is designed to set account ID for different level operators;

9. Human safety: design optical fence and automatic door at front, design sensor detected safety door for others side;

10. Machine designed vacuum, pneumatic clamp, sliding, etc function help easy operation and ensure welding result;

11. Injection function is designed to help unloading parts after welding;

12. PokaYoke function is designed in machine system to avoid operation with missing parts in right position

13. CNZHENBO|MP Sonic I-Could system for remote service in easy and fast service.

II. Machine Consturion:

III. Specification


Power Supply380V 50HZ


Machine ControlHMI

Upper Jig Plate660*420mm

Hot Mould Plate660*400mm

Max Power20KW

Max Welding Area600*400mm

Control VoltageDC24V

Optical Fence Protect Height440mm

Temp Zone: 2+2

Upper Jig Move Distance350mm

Sensor Detection Distance38mm

Lower Jig Move Distance300mm

Working Condition

Hot Platen Move Distance450mm

Air Supply0.5--0.7Mpa

Air Supply PipeФ12

Max humidity≤80%RH

Paid Option

Auto Jig Loading System

SPC UPSVacuum Pump

Room Temp-10--60℃