Automatic Outer Earloop Automatic Spot Welding Machine

Automatic Outer Earloop Automatic Spot Welding Machine

Automatic earloop welding machine applies 20KHz ultrasonic system to finish mask earloop attaching by spot welding. The ultrasonic systems are made by MP Sonic Korea, power max to 2600W. Machine applies servo motors to control mask conveying and elastic feeding-in. Earloop is cut off by cylinder automatically.

Basing mask design, it can add automatic edge bonding system for better mask quality.

Technical description

I. Material Flow:

II. Function and features

1. Machine is rigid and rustproof designed for duration;

2. Mask conveying controlled by servo motor in precision;

3. Guide rail guided mask conveying in smooth motion;

4. Positioning mechanism is designed to ensure mask location in precision with no moving;

5. Two ultrasonic system is applied to weld earloop ensuring reliability welding and capacity;

6. Adjustment earloop curler designed for earloop length adjustment basing mask design;

7. Earloop is fed-in by servo motor to control earloop length in accuracy;

8. Counters is equipped to machine for output count automatically.

III. Machine Specification:

1. Power Source: 220V 1P AC 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.6~0.8MPa;

3. Machine Dimension: L1800mm*W900mm*H1850mm;

4. Output Capacity: 35~50PCs/Minute.

IV. Mask Specification:

Length of mask blank: 175mm(adult), 145mm(child)

Width mask blank: 9095mm

Length of ear-loop: For adult-170mm(max , including welding spot); For children-150mm (max, including welding spot), adjustable as requests.

Distance of welding spot at one side: 80mm