Handheld Ultrasonic Welder IGBT Type

Handheld Ultrasonic Welder IGBT Type

This handheld ultrasonic welder in DS300 Series applies IGBT ultrasonic power supply. System can be in 30KHz/35KHz 1200W or 40KHz 1000W. System ultrasonic frequency resonance in automatic tuning by real time frequency searching. Amplitude is adjustable in range of 10~100% by 1%. Multiple self-protection is equipped with system.

This handheld held ultrasonic machine can be applied for plastic spot welding, stacking, cutting, as well as functional module on others machine.

Technical description

I. Features:

1. IGBT control, real time frequency searching, auto resonance tuning;

2. Digital parameter input and actual output display;

3. Amplitude adjustable in 10~100%, by 1%;

4. Double welding stages control to amplitude for performance welding performance;

5. Multiple self-protection including overloading protection, input voltage protection, transducer voltage protection, etc;

6. Horn impedance analysis to horn, ultrasound compensation in time to system basing on actual temperature/current condition;

7. Welding parameter record for future check;

8. Welding result judgement for QC assist (base on welding time or energy output);

9. Air-in system for cooling blower.

II. Main specification Parameters

1. Power supply: 220V, AC, 1P, 50/60Hz;

2. Ultrasonic frequency: 30KHz/35KHz/40KHz;

3. Ultrasonic power output: peak value 1000~1200W;

4. Amplitude control: 10~100%, by 1%.