Hot Plate & Infrared Welding Machine
Hot Plate & Infrared Welding Machine
Hot Plate & Infrared Welding Machine

Both hot plate welding & IR (Infrared) welding is procedure of thermoplastic heating joining procedure. Hot platen welding mostly applied as contacting thermoplastic welding which normally can be driven by pneumatic, servo motor and hydraulic, while infrared welding is a kind of non-contacting thermoplastic welding which mostly control jig action by servo motors only for fast motion and high motion control precision.

We designs hot platen welders and infrared welders in different specification with multiple features, intelligent control system with communication connection realized easy production management and welding production quality control. The basing plates bearing high force is casting designed and processed by CNC, as well as the machine frame and machine base is pre-deformation design, ensuring the machine sturdy stability and repeat precision in motion.

Our IR is controlled by our proprietary technical control system, which control infrared heating lamp or IR heating wire by stepless regulating electric current supplied to IR heaters. Our IR plastic welder can be applied for hot plate welding also.

The most features of our machine including:

1. Gears guide to jigs motion to ensure motion repeat precision;

2. PLC control;

3. PID temperature control ensure temperature stability;

4. Formula function to store welding parameters;

5. Welding tooling auto-self-recognizing;

6. Sensor detection for machine self-troubleshooting;

7. Welding and alarm record for future traceability

8. Authority password in different level helping management;

9. Multiple safety protection system ensure operator and machine safety;

10. Optional features: a. Internet connection, b. SPC system; c. Printer port; d. UPS, e. auto jig load/unload system.

We also design and manufacture customized machines, for more inquiries, please contact us for detail.

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