Servo Hot Plate Welder

Servo Hot Plate Welder

MSH-6550s is a hot plate welding machine applying servo motor systems to control action in precision, which can weld plastic in square max to 652*400 (mm). With servo control system, machine achieves hot platen welding process in steps in precision, which is a choice for low temperature hot plate welding.

MSH-6550S is mostly applied to weld thermoplastic parts in large size, eg in automotive industry: tail lamp, washer tanks, glove box lid, etc.

Technical description

I. Main Feature & Function:

1. Servo control system in high precision;

2. Fast action speed, especially good for low temperature hot platen welding;

3. Achieves action speed process control (speed-steps-control);

4. Hot platen melting temperature controlled by PID, welding temperature is controlled in stability and high precision by PLC temperature module;

5. Heater error ID is detected and indicated on HMI for easy fault-shooting;

6. Welding parameters storage is available to manage hot p late welding process;

7. Alarm message/fault history is recorded for hot plate welding quality management;

8. Optical fence at front and safety door at sides and rear is designed for security;

9. Vacuum generator and pneumatic clip system is design to hold plastic parts during hot plate welding;

10. Ejection function by pneumatic system is designed helping remove welded parts from jigs;

11. Parts detection function is available to avoid operation without parts loading;

12. Quick tooling change-over for easy tooling change over (manual type);

13. I-Could remote service system (Wifi type) for easy and quick service.

II. Specification:


Power Supply380V 50HZ


Machine ControlHMI

Upper Jig Plate660*420mm

Hot Mould Plate660*400mm

Max Power20KW

Max Welding Area652*400mm

Control VoltageDC24V

Optical Fence Protect Height440mm

Temp Zone: 4+4

Upper Jig Move Distance350mm

Sensor Detection Distance3~8mm

Lower Jig Move Distance300mm

Working Condition

Hot Platen Move Distance450mm

Air Supply0.5--0.7Mpa

Air Supply PipeФ12

Max humidity≤80%RH


1. Auto Jig Loading System

 2. SPC; 3. UPS  4.Vacuum Pump

Room Temp-10--60℃


Video: Servo Hot Plate Welder MSH-6550

Download: MSH-6550S