Analogue Ultrasonic Generator

Analogue Ultrasonic Generator

IB-AON is the series of ultrasonic power supply applies analogue ultrasonic generator transforming supplied electric from 50/60Hz into 15/20KHz and supply to ultrasonic transducer.

IB-AON Series ultrasonic generator is with advantages of wide frequency band width and stable performance. It is the best choice for continuous ultrasonic output application, such as mask making machine, cup making machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic slitting machine, ultrasonic bonding machine, etc.

Technical description

I. Features:

1. Analogue circuit design, it is easy for horn frequency design;

2. Wide frequency bend width for easy system matching;

3. Strong ultrasonic output for perfect performance in welding / cutting;

4. Stable performance, being good for continuous ultrasonic output application;

5. Digital display for tuning for easy machine adjustment reference.

II. Specification:

   1. Electric Source: 220V, AC, 1P, 50/60Hz;

   2. Ultrasonic Frequency: 15KHz/20KHz

   3. Ultrasonic Peak Value: 2600W/2000W

   4. Dimension:  50*38*140 (cm)

   5. Weight: 14KG

Analogue Ultrasonic Generator