Vibration Welding Machine
Vibration Welding Machine
Vibration Welding Machine

        Linear vibration welding is widely applied in different manufacturing industries because of its advantages of high welding capacity, excellent operation performance and efffective equipment investment. Ibortech Solution provides vibration welding proposal in top technology and reliable & valuable equipment by MP Sonic.

MP Sonic Vibration System

        To welding result by linear vibration friction, the frequency and amplitude is the critical parameters to realize the energy converting from electrical power into mechanical vibration friction energy to case heating to melt plastic material at interface. MP Sonic controls the critical technology of vibration welding system, MP Sonic vibration welding machine in three types frequency including lower frequency as 100~170Hz, high frequency as rage of 210~280Hz & super frequency as (260~365Hz) to fit for difference requirement. MP Sonic manufactures standards and customize vibration welding machines for customers. The standard vibration welding machine in vibration loading ability for upper fixture weight from 15KG to 200KG. The detail specification modules as below:

A. LS Series in high frequency:

  MSV-515LS: 15KG in frequency max to 280Hz;

  MSV-630LS: 30KG in frequency max to 280Hz;

  MSV-650LS: 40KG in frequency max to 280Hz;

  MSV-715LS: 55KG in frequency max to 280Hz;

  MSV-730LS: 70KG in frequency max to 280Hz;

  MSV-830LS-HF: 100KG in frequency max to 280Hz.

B. LS Series in low frequency:

  MSV-830LS: 150KG in frequency max to 170Hz;

  MSV-730LS: 200KG in frequency max to 170Hz.

C. SF Series in super frequency

  MSV-SF650: 40KG in frequency max to 365Hz;

  MSV-SF730: 70KG in frequency max to 365Hz.

  MSV-SF830: 100KG in frequency max to 365Hz.

By new technology in vibration system circuit & program design as well as new material selection & manufacturing procedure improvement, MP Sonic vibration system increases vibration frequency for higher energy converting ration to melt plastic material, while ensure the system reliability and enhance system duration.

MP Sonic Welding Force Control System

        MP Sonic applies servo hydraulic system or pure servo motor system to force welding and control the motion speed and motion distance.

Comparing to normal hydraulic system, besides high clamp force pressure output, servo hydraulic system applies servo system to control oil pump, which can realize fast motion, more precision control, lower power consumption, low nose and enhanced oil life duration.

For more fast action and environment friendly welding action, MP Sonic developed pure electrical welding force system by servo motor (-S). Besides fast action, precision control and environment protection, because no oil consumption, production and maintenance cost is less.

MP Sonic Infrared System (-IR)

        To fit for clean vibration welding and challenging welding, MP Sonic designed infrared system to realize hybrid welding as the paid option. MP Sonic hybrid system can weld parts with IR preheating before vibration welding, or weld by vibration friction melting or infrared melting only. This machine mostly applied for automotive lighting welding, water purification system, etc.

MP Sonic Obit System:

        To realize the vibration welding operation to some complex parts design, such as automotive dashboard assembly, MP Sonic designed obit system for the motion of lower fixtures frontward and backward, by which no need design extra obit plate to welding tooling. MP Sonic obit system is controlled by servo system, by which it realize flexible operation for different application through programming on HMI according to requirement.

MP Sonic IOS (Intelligent Operation System)

        MP Sonic designed IOS for vibration welding application specially. MP Sonic IOS for vibration welding machine is equipped with MES system and I-Cloud remote system, system is with multiple function fit high requirement in welding operation, production management, equipment management, quality management, service management, etc.

MP Sonic MES system.

System provided different languages for selection in different countries.

        Besides standard vibration welding machine specification, MP Sonic designs and manufactures customized vibration welders for clients also. Customized vibration can be modified from present standard specification, or 100% newly developed, including machine instruction, specification, software, etc.

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