Washer Balance Ring Spin Welder

Washer Balance Ring Spin Welder

MSP-S11BP is an economical spin welding machine special designed for washer balance ring. Machine designs servo motor with high power output for the welding rotation spindle with high torque, balance upper jig spindle speed max to 500RPM.

Machine applies pneumatic cylinder to control jig bed and force pressure to washer balance ring during operation.

Solenoid valve is applied to control the filling of solution externally supplied with timing by PLC.

Technical description

I. Function & Features:

1. Servo motor controls welding spindle in precision, orientation welding control is available;

2. Welding depths controlled by mechanical stopper;

3. Machine action sequence controlled by PLC and set on HMI;

4. Solution filling controlled by timing;

5. Programmable welding parameters;

6. Formula function for convenient welding parameters storage;

7. Welding record for production quantity management;

8. Login system for different levels of authorization;

9. Alarm systems display the source of error, helping easy machine problem shutting;

10. I/O supervision page display machine condition all the time;

11. Optical fence and safety doors applied for protect human safety.

II. Machine specification:

1. Power Source: 380V, 3P, AF, 50/60Hz;

2. Spindle Speed: Max to 500RPM;

3. Jig bed motion distance: 300mm

4. Dimension: (L)1720*(W)1010*(H)2098

5. Machine Weight: 910KG;

6. Working Room Temperature: 10-40℃

Down Load: Spin Welding Machine for Balance Ring

Video: Wash Balance Ring Spin Welding