Children Auto Wheel Spin Welder

Children Auto Wheel Spin Welder

Spin welder MSP-B75TP is a speically designed welding machine for child carrier wheel by rotation friction.

Machine applies 7500W electrical motor to control welding spindle at lower jig bed, and applies pneumatic cylinder to force pressure at upper jig from top during welding operation.

Auto trimming tooling is applied to trim material flush cased during welding.

Technical description

I. Features:

1. High power electrical motor with strong torque output applied for welding spindle, machine welding ability is high to weld child carrier wheels in big diameter;

2. Machine applies PLC to control sequence & HMI to set machine;

3. Clip & slide black is available for different jig design requirement;

4. Trimming tooling can be designed on welding tooling to trim material flush cased during operation;

5. Machine system designed with formula function for operation parameter storage and download in convenience;

6. Welding parameter is programmable for different parts design and material;

7. Welding record is available for checking welding history;

8. Alarm system is applied for easy problem shooting;

9. I/O supervision page is designed to display machine condition all the time;

10. Double start buttons, optical fence at front and safety doors at rear side are applied for safety protection.

II. Specification:

1. Power Source: 380V, 3P, 50/60Hz;

2. Motor Power: 7500W

3. Air Source: 0.5~0.8Mp;

4. Dimension:Dimension: 1410*1140*2490 (mm).

Note: we make spin welding machine specification basing on customers requirement.