Ultrasonic Seaing & Cutting Machine for Cup Mask Layers

Ultrasonic Seaing & Cutting Machine for Cup Mask Layers

IBN-MT2014 is a ultrasonic sealing & cutting machine for non-woven fabric process machine. It is a essential machine for the production of cup-like mask standard, eg. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) standard to form mask layers into shape. Because the filtration fabric material, such as melt-blown fabric, active-carbon fabric, etc, can not be processed by high temperature in pressure, or its fabric filtration and aspiration ration will change, this machine is applied to   seal fabric fabric into arc shape and cut off extra material away by 20KHz ultrasonic system.

Technical description

I. Material Process Flow:

II. Features:

1. Sealing and cutting with ultrasonic, keeping the original filter performance of fabric;

2. Full automatic process material, only one operators is required.

3. Machine process in high capacity max to 150pcs/min, which can supply 2~3 for cup-like mask production line;

4. Electronic counter counts output to help quantity management;

5.Static electricity cleaner is applied at the output of machine to remove static electricity from mask layers.

III. Specification:

1. Power Source: 1P, AC, 220V, 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 5Kg/c

3. Power Consumption: 2.5KW;

4. Ultrasonic System: 20K 2000W;

5. Material Width: 120mm±2mm;

6. Main Machine Dimension: 1305mm*700mm*1500mm (L*W*H);

7. Material Fram Dimension: 2100mm*500mm*1720mm (L*W*H);

8. Capacity: 100~150PCs/Minute.

Download: Ultrasonic Out-layer Cutting & Lacing Machine EGN-2014.pdf

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