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Joint Design for Vibration Welding

by Alex Lee of MP Sonic

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Join design for vibration welding concept:

1. Measurement of welding rib;

2. The parts holding design at vibration oscillation direction;
3. At least 1/2 width of joining area should be supported by vibration welding fixture;
4. At least 0.8mm space for the moving distance of oscillation (120Hz:1.8mm);
5. Reinforcement at vibration direction:(0.8mm * 2) + α(above2mm)
Side: aobve1mm;
Reinforcement for 120Hz welding : about twice of that for 240Hz welding;
6. Space for melting flow: melting volume*20~30%。
7. Design angle reinforcement to avoid shake at vibration direction;
8. Consider the deformation after molding;

9. Ensure that the surface slope at vibration direction no over than 10 degree.

I. Welding Design Measurement

Vibration Welding Design Measurement

II. Bevel Angle of Welding Surface

Bevel Anagle for Vibration Welding

III. Welding Design Construction

Basic Joint Design

IV. Types of Welding Design

Vib joint Design

V. Support Design for Vibrtion Welding

Welding Support for Vibration Welding

VI. Usually Applied Joint Design for Vibration Welding

vibration joint Desing

Vibration Welding Design

Vibration Thermoplastic Welding

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